Creating a Personal Vision Statement

One stream of Life Coaching that I am passionate about is supporting people in creating their own Personal Vision Statement. It’s like a personal GPS.

A Personal Vision Statement provides direction to chart the course of your life as you move toward actualizing your vision of your life. Living into your potential.

Some people ask: Why should we bother? Because most of us get distracted from our intentions and let other things come first. Then we live with this slightly unsettled feeling, not quite sure why.

It takes skill and reflection to discover your vision, then to build steps with timelines and, finally, to consistently follow through.

The Discovery Process:  Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. –Carl Jung

The first step is to quiet your mind, coming into a still inner place. This lets you listen more deeply to the intimate, tender voice of your heart. 

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“Live the questions now. Perhaps, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answers.”   Rainer Maria Rilke

Planting the seeds

After quieting the mind, begin exploring questions that resonate for you: what is here for me?

You can begin by responding to the questions below; let the words fly without editing.

  1. What are the five things you have the most passion for? Be as honest as you can, even if you think they’re silly. What do you really love to do?
  2. What are the three to five most significant values that guide you in your everyday life?
  3. Write one goal for each key area of your life: self-care, physical, emotional, career, spiritual, family, community, financial, leisure and learning.
  4. What are your best, clearest strengths? What do your friends and family say about you? How do you see yourself?
  5. Optional: Imagine you’re at the very last few weeks or days of your life and you’re looking back: is there any wisdom you want to tell your younger self?

Harvesting the fruits: Creating a Vision Board or Statement helps you to hold a clear focus of your commitment to yourself.

Block off a chunk of time to actually create your Vision Board or Statement once you’ve articulated some of your values, strengths, passions and goals.

And then, once again, come into stillness to hear the whispers of your heart before you begin.

Using the present tense, begin to craft sentences that make your heart sing. You may want to start with active present words like “I am a person who…”. Then add more dynamic and powerful words like “I cultivate/foster/influence” letting your values and goals shine through. How do you want to live your life?

Keep exploring ideas until you land with several sentences or a page that feel like a beloved friend. [Note: Make sure you’re concrete about how you’re going to build the steps to reach your vision.]

A Personal Vision Statement is an evolving and ever emerging process, like growing a garden. Take the leap and try it. Most people love it and find their life increasingly peaceful and heart centred after they’ve completed their process.

Here’s some sample Vision Statements you can use to energize yours….Personal Vision Examples

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