As I build my own mindfulness practice and invite you to join me in this deepening river of stillness, I feel a sense of both joy and humility. The joy is how much my life has changed over the years and how so many teachers have guided me to this present self. The humility is how much farther I have to travel.

In the video below, I describe my own anxiety as a teenager and my experience as a young mom years ago. My son, then an infant, contracted bacterial spinal meningitis, almost died and became profoundly deaf. I whirled into self blame: what if I had gone to the hospital sooner? It became clear over time that I needed to shift from this self blame. It was not helpful and was getting in the way of happiness.

I discovered Mindfulness and over many years of practicing, studying and sitting in meditation, I have found great benefit. Jon Kabat-Zinn describes Mindfulness as being in this present moment on purpose, non-judgmentally. I now am more often able to do that.

I have a quieter mind and a calmer central nervous system. I learned how to have space from my self critical thoughts and increase my self compassion.

Today, I feel more focused and am living closer to my vision and purpose of being on this planet. My self awareness of my patterns of thoughts and emotions has increased and I am less often swimming in the current of self criticism.

Join me on this fabulous journey of coming into more internal stillness. You can register for the next Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 week program is at Janati Yoga School.

May your day be filled with presence and focus…


Join our 8-Week MindfulnessProgram

Come into the heart of stillness with mindfulness practices and gentle yoga.

January 31-March 21, 2018    7-9:30 pm

One day silent retreat March 11

Free Information Session Wed Jan 31, 2018, 7 pm 

Janati Yoga School, 16 Bath Road, Kingston, Ontario

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