If you are getting ready to invest in coaching, and you are ready for change, but not sure how to choose someone, what do you do? How do you select someone that fits for you?

Questions to ask yourself first, before meeting with a coach:

  • What issues do I need guidance with?
  • What is the area in my life that I am most interested in developing?
  • Should I consider a mental health professional instead?
  • What kind of coach do I want?

There are many kinds of coaches these days, from career, holistic, health, financial, spiritual, relationship, etc. There is even a book called 101 Coaching Niches. So your job is to get as clear as you can first.

Then, using these seven questions as a guide, begin to explore and research.

  1. Find a life coach that specializes in your area of need.
  2. Look for life coaches with proper training and authority in their field.
  3. Most life coaches offer a 20-30 minute complimentary session so you can check each other out. Really, the question is: are we a fit? Do you light up and get excited about your coach? Is the synergy vibrating?
  4. Choose a coach that “gets you”. Gets how to support you but also how to challenge you and hold you accountable. The coach should be able to ask you “powerful” questions that might shake your world a bit but do it in a way that you feel supported. It’s a tender tight rope.
  5. Choose a local coach if possible, although there is new research showing phone coaching as effective too.
  6. Choose a life coach that fits within your budget. Most coaches have packages that you can start with, or just purchase one session to see if it works.
  7. You know that it’s working when you have clearly stated goals and steps to work toward change within a reasonable time frame. But remember that it often takes a number of sessions: most of the time we have been stuck for months or years.

Overall, go with your needs first, then find a coach that fits with you, both emotionally and with their expertise. Coaches are become far more common, but there is no accreditation process yet, so it’s important you follow your gut, but also check for their background.



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