The Hungry Lion: Facing your fears

A few years ago, I had a fast paced and demanding job in Toronto. I began to feel pain in my upper right abdomen that was eventually diagnosed as an ulcer.

Change: How do I know what I can and can’t change?

When I created my 2017 New Year’s Vision and resolutions, I was carving out the intention to change. But I realized that I don’t always know what I can change and what I can’t. Here’s the truth: I was way too busy last year and want to change that.

Stress: And the courage to be still

Stress: and the courage to be still…..When I was a young mother, years ago, my infant son almost died from spinal meningitis and became profoundly deaf. That acute trauma turned into chronic stress because I was driven by my lions of self-blame and grief…..


Recently, I was facilitating the silent retreat day for our 8-week Mindfulness Program at Janati Yoga School. During the walking meditation, I noticed the hole in the left big toe of my black sock. And in a breath, felt exposed. As though people would notice the raw hole in my soul instead of the hole in my sock.

What is Life Coaching? And how it helped me change…

What is Life Coaching? And how it helped me to change….People have been asking me a lot recently: What exactly is Life Coaching? And how is it different than counselling or therapy? I first found life coaching two years ago after an intense transition……

Kayaking on Georgian Bay

I had an intense and awe filled experience kayaking on windy Georgian Bay this past summer with a dear heart friend. The round rocks, the bent pines and ……

From Whirling to Mindfulness

From Whirling to Mindfulness

When I was 8 or 9, how I loved whirling around in circles with my friends until we fell down, laughing hilariously. I would lie there, looking up at the sky, then impatiently leap up and do it all over again. I loved whirling. At the time, I didn’t know that I would chase the lonely ache of whirling for …

A New Year’s Vision of Wing Walking

A New Year’s Vision of Wing Walking

Like many of us, I am preparing to create my 2016 New Year’s Vision. Although grounded with intentions and resolutions, I am leaping this year or “wing walking”, as my dear friend Lise calls it. Moving from one plane …

Abandon Hope

Abandon Hope

When I first read that Pema Chodron says “Abandon hope”, (from her book When Things Fall Apart), I thought it was silly. But when we live in perpetual hope, she says, we also have …

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