Out of all-inclusive, unconditional compassion comes the healing of all mankind. - David Hawkins

“The most radical re-mapping or shifting of the self-boundary line occurs in experiences of the supreme identity, for here the person expands self-identify to include the entire universe.” Ken Wilber

Nothing troubles me. I offer no resistance to trouble - therefore it does not stay with me. On your side there is so much trouble. On mine there is no trouble at all. Come to my side. - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

How can life coaching help me?
  • If you feel stressed and need clarity
  • If you long for healthier, more productive approaches in your life
  • If you yearn to re-create a deeper purpose and passion
  • if your work and life are out of balance
How many sessions should I come for?

It depends (it always depends!)…you work with you coach at the beginning to design the best program for you. Most people find 12 sessions is where the most benefit occurs, but you might need four, or 24!!

How do I know if you're the right coach for me?

A 30 minute complimentary session gives you a chance to see if you’re a fit. I will guide this process and support you to get clear. I sometimes refer people to counselling or therapy first, then suggest they come back. Your job is to be assertive and ask for what you want and need.

What is the coach's role?

The coach:

  • Creates a Coaching Agreement with you to guide you through the coaching process
  • Builds trust and intimacy by listening deeply to you
  • Asks you powerful, reflective questions that increase your self-awareness
  • Communicates directly and with sensitivity
  • Explores thoughtful actions and action oriented goals
  • Maintains professional boundaries including confidentiality and adheres to the coaching profession’s code of ethics


Why has Life Coaching become so popular?

The practice of Life Coaching has mushroomed in the last twenty years. It used to be mostly sports coaching and people found the incredible benefit of coaching: Corporate, Personal, Executive, Business, and a dozen other kinds.

  • Rapid changes in work and life require you to be flexible and adapt to change
  • Research shows that partnership with a Life Coach can provide growth, both professionally or personally
  • Job insecurity and increased work pressures to perform require support
  • People are more open to being in charge of their own lives and coaching helps with this
What happens in Life Coaching?
  • First, you meet with the coach for a complimentary session (face to face, Skype or phone) to see if you’re a fit. Your coach should make you light up!!
  • Then, once you’ve made the decision to work with your coach, you explore how many sessions would be most helpful.
  • Then, you create a contract and begin to define your goals: Why are you there? What is it that is drawing you?
  • During the coaching process, you explore and do your home practices, and reach for your dreams and goals.
How is Life Coaching different than therapy or counselling?

Life Coaching supports personal and professional growth and change based on the present day focus and building toward a different future. Therapy or counselling usually deals with healing painful patterns from the past. Life Coaching uses highly developed communication skills, tools and structures to support people to shift their present day perspectives and create deep and lasting change.

Is there an overseeing body or accountability for Life Coaches?

Although there is no mandatory accreditation for Life Coaches yet, most experts say within the next five years that will change. Life Coaches can become accredited through a Training program such as Integral Coaching Canada, among others. As well, they can voluntarily join the International Coach Federation, which has standards and ethics that Life Coaches follow.

Susan was trained with Integral Coaching Canada and follows the ethics and guidelines of the International Coach Federation.



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