Do you struggle to meet your goals? Are you ready for thoughtful, inspiring coaching sessions designed to create change? Increase your self-confidence and expand your self-awareness.
Join me for powerful Mindful Coaching…

Coaching guides you to set meaningful goals and reach them with confidence and clarity

Mindful coaching cultivates learning and growth and guides you to increased clarity. 

We use specific tools like journalling and visioning exercises as well as mindfulness practices like breathing techniques to help you stay focused and increase your confidence and calmness. 

Susan inspires you to learn and discover at your own pace. Learn cool stuff about motivation, mindfulness and how the brain works. We use research and new ways of doing things. Ready for a challenge and wanting change? Susan’s the coach for you. 


Mindfulness enhances self-compassion while you are reaching for your goals.

By cultivating practices that deepen your wisdom and increase your awareness, you change.

What to Expect at Coaching Sessions

Mindful coaching starts with exploring and setting your goals and creating an action plan with specific steps to guide you through change.

In your coaching sessions, we integrate powerful coaching exercises like vision sheets and journaling with simple mindfulness practices like guided meditations (audio recordings are included). I provide specific guidance each step of the way.

If you’re ready to transform your life with mindfulness, let’s get started! Book a complimentary discovery coaching session today to learn more.

Download our 7 Steps to Mindfulness here!

What to Expect in the 8-Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program

This 8-week program helps you to develop your capacity for greater calm, increased resilience and teaches practical skills to manage stress. Together, we dive into areas that increase awareness of automatic habits that increase stress and move toward responding in healthy, resilient ways. Research shows improved sleep, lowered blood pressure and fewer worries.

Explore Mindfulness

Conscious Aging

Explore the joys and fears of aging in a safe and supportive environment with other older adults.

Tuesdays, 2-4: Sept 27-Oct 18, 2022.

Learn how to increase acceptance of your past and enhance your understanding of the shared humanity in the aging process. 

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

An intensive one-day (two half days) program designed to increase your own self-compassion. We learn to show the same care and generosity we would give to a dear friend when they are struggling. We interrupt the judgment and self-criticism for inadequacies and bring kindness when we are confronted with our personal failings.

Mindful Mondays

Join a small group of like-minded people for a one hour guided meditation at noon on Mondays. Each week we explore themes like compassion, forgiveness, leaning into difficult emotions and others. We learn together, we share our own experiences and practice a guided meditation. For beginners or more advanced practitioners.

5 Steps: Leaning into Difficult Emotions

Join Susan for a powerful workshop using self-compassion to lean into difficult emotions.

– Build self-compassion

– Handle difficult emotions with more ease

– Learn practices and guided meditations

What my clients are saying

The Mindfulness Blog

Learn more about mindfulness, self-compassion, gratitude, and more, to help you achieve your goals, while increasing your clarity and calm, and nurturing joy.

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Unplug: Create more Mindfulness

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”– Anne Lamott I have had to learn how to unplug in my life, but I really ramped it up (or down!) during COVID-19, like so many of us. I deepened my Mindfulness practices by committing

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