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Life Coaching for Leaders
Helping leaders show up intentionally present and centered as their best self

Life Coaching helps you to show up intentionally present as your best self. Enhance your professional and personal growth. Learn to navigate challenges by cultivating mindfulness tools, building your resilience and increasing your self-awareness. 

When you enhance your presence, you expand your capacity to focus and be productive. 

Coaching guides you through a journey of change in your career and life by using a wide range of tools. 

Live in clear intention and power up your purpose on this planet! 

Gain the clarity and confidence you need to create change…Find out if Life Coaching is for you…

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Why Life Coaching for leaders?

As a leader in my field for many years, I have learned how to bring a sense of focus and presence to guide you so you become your best self. 

There are concrete steps to create a more powerful presence.  Let’s define your goals and vision to help you to live with purpose and passion. 

The Benefits 

  • Building Presence: apply mindfulness tools and increase self-compassion
  • Expand your “growth mindset”: commit to continual growth as an adult learner
  • Cultivate self-awareness: we all have “blind spots” and need others, like coaches, to help us see them
  • What brings you joy? How do you nurture yourself? 
  • Future proofing: Become more resilient 

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Mindful Coaching for Leaders

Susan Talks Conscious Aging

Host Donna Chambers chats with life coach Susan Young about Conscious Aging and how to “age gracefully” in a youth-obsessed culture. 

5 Steps: Leaning into Difficult Emotions

Join Susan for a powerful workshop using self-compassion to lean into difficult emotions.

– Build self-compassion

– Handle difficult emotions with more ease

– Learn practices and guided meditations

What my clients are saying

The Mindfulness Blog

Learn more about mindfulness, self-compassion and gratitude. Achieve your goals while increasing clarity and calm, and nurturing joy. 

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