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Unplug: Create more Mindfulness

Unplug: Create more Mindfulness

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”
Anne Lamott

I have had to learn how to unplug in my life, but I really ramped it up (or down!) during COVID-19, like so many of us. I deepened my Mindfulness practices by committing more to nourishing routines like meditation and yoga, daily walks and eating simply. Deep breathing, consciously and often, also calmed my central nervous system. Sitting in my garden (below) also nourishes and soothes me…what soothes you?

Pushing yourself 

But I haven’t always been like this. In my twenties I thought I could do anything, take any risks, and drive myself hard, mentally, emotionally and physically, with no cost. 

I travelled across Europe, hitchhiked through Turkey and one night partied all night with drunk Italians in Venice; there was a huge festival and no places to stay so we just stayed up drinking all night.

But there was a cost to these choices, and my adrenals became exhausted. I ricocheted from one job to the next, lurching through challenging and difficult jobs like being on-call for 10 years when I managed the sexual assault program at the hospital.

I had pushed myself physically and emotionally beyond what was healthy. My nervous system became agitated and I became even more anxious. The opposite of mindfulness!

Self-regulation helps

But it wasn’t until my forties that I really learned how to self-regulate and to calm myself down. And now, as I become even older, I am committed to mindfulness, nourishing routines and self-regulation in a newly focused way.  

Over the last years I have created mindfulness practices and routines – with a lot of help and mentoring – that regulate my system and keep me steady and calm. My life has stabilized emotionally, physically and mentally: morning meditation, deep breathing, regular sleep, daily physical exercise, good simple food, practicing gratitude and other loveliness. 

Tend my own garden

During COVID-19, my newly developed introvert also discovered how much I thrived on being home so much. (I recognize how blessed I was to be in a position of not having to fret too much about financial stability) It brought a new level of quiet and calmness. So little was asked of me and I liked it. 

I have learned to tend to my own garden, to nourish my flowers and vegetables and sit quietly at times. (Here’s a picture of my garden very recently…)

So I invite you, too, to join me in practicing mindfulness in as many ways as you can over the next while, to really invite a powerful routine to nourish you…

Unplug: a 5 minute meditation

And, if you’d like you can add this five minute presence meditation I developed to guide you to increased presence….

You can reach for your calm, present connection with your inner self. Explore your unique ways…and learn how to unplug? Even if just for five minutes 

I can help you with this, if you’re ready for guidance and support call me for a free discovery session. 


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