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Daily Retreat: Expand your stillness

Do you struggle, like so many of us, to connect with your deeper inner stillness and wisdom? 

I have found retreats one of the best ways to reconnect. So I have created a daily retreat, inviting you to sit with me, and bring that deeper wisdom into your daily life. 

The retreat runs June 1-7, 2023 from 8-8:30 am. You receive nuggets of live teachings and sit in meditation in a safe group. Each day, you will receive the audio recording of the meditation and the handout from the teaching..You can register here.

Deepen into Stillness

Deepening into stillness inside shows up in different ways in our lives. You might pause, take a breath and pull back from a reactive moment, like yelling at a driver who cuts you off. 

You might do something else such as using a red light to breathe and come back to inner self.

Sitting in silence is an important aspect of mindfulness and meditation practices and silent meditation can create alterations in the senses of time, space, and self. 

Searching for Wisdom

The Koningshoeven Abbey is a monastery of Trappists founded in the Netherlands in 1881, Coming out of the Abbey is a saying: ‘”When searching for wisdom/the first step is silence/in the silence wisdom is born/taste the silence”. 

By sitting in stillness, the seeds of wisdom can emerge. When I sit in my meditation practice, my mind tugs at my attention and I come back to the moment. 

Allowing natural silence

Here at my little cabin, I often allow the natural silence to feed my soul and bring me to stillness. 

In this busy and computer driven world, silence can connect us with the rich presence of the living moment. It invites us to hear each other in a way that includes the tone, the intention and the connection of how we are together. 

Eternity in an hour

William Blake wrote this famous introduction to the series The Auguries of Innocence in 1803. It helps me to remember people have been attending to this for many, many years:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 

And Eternity in an hour.

Sitting in Silence

If you’re new, you might find my earlier blog How to Sit in Meditation helpful to get you started…

Just for today, sit quietly…

So today I invite you to sit quietly, find a place in nature to allow the sounds to wash over you and bring yourself to a different kind of silence. Perhaps you will find your presence deepens, as Blake tells us, by seeing “Eternity in an hour”.  Let me know how you do because I’m always curious and growing myself.

Join me June 1-7, 8-8:30 am for a daily retreat. Register here if you’re interested or contact me for more info.


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