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Nurturing your soul and building community

Nurturing your soul and building community

I am passionate about nurturing my soul and building community. What nurtures your soul? I love to guide people toward their vision of what nourishes them and what fills them up. Community is part of this.

Some of what nourishes me is living where I do, in a small cabin with green land, the forests and the wildlife just outside my door.

Beauty in nature fills my soul

There is such beauty and nature here, with a long shoreline, 100-year-old buildings and diverse woodlands and wildlife. I love the idea that we can create even more green space for the community, especially in these times of catastrophic climate change 

I struggle with the realities of how we live today in this world. I wonder what difference I can make as I witness the effects of human activity on the planet. We continue to act as though our actions don’t matter. We pave over more and more of the green land, cut down trees, pollute the water and build with little regard for the impact on the environment. 

What can one person do?

I imagine that you may share my sense of confusion and uncertainty and ask yourselves what you can do to help slow down this rapid progression: perhaps you drive less and bicycle or walk more; you may try Meatless Mondays or No Mow May; take shorter showers; commit to reusing and recycling; and maybe, like me, you learn to plant pollinators and native plants. 

Individual acts make a difference

It’s important for me to hold the vision that our individual acts can make a difference. When we nurture our souls, build community and sustain green space, we can make change in our personal lives and in our communities. .

Mindful Life Coaching

My work as a mindful life coach is to guide you to reach for your vision and support you to take steps to get there. It takes a community, and we all need support.

I love the anthropologist Margaret Mead’s famous saying: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Taking action

Now, more than ever, as the heat increases, the forest fires rage across the country and the Arctic ice melts, we must work together as a community to stop climate change.

It’s important for all of us, I believe, that we support green spaces and the remarkable biodiversity of flowers and trees, and wildlife.

Joining mindful coaching

If you want to be calm and quiet but take conscious action, you might enjoy my 6 week group this fall of 2023, Finding Calm Through Self-Compassion. Go here to learn more and sign up

If you want an individual session, please book a free discovery session here to find out if coaching is for you.

I need to nurture my soul in many ways, especially by building community How about you? What nurtures your soul? Drop me a line and let me know….


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