Join Me for Mindful Coaching

Ready for powerful and transformative change? Longing to achieve your goals  with confidence and clarity? Let’s create an action plan just for you. Achieve your goals with calmness and clarity. Set up a complimentary coaching session now!

Mindfulness Programs

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

Ready to let go of your self-critical voice? Join me to build your inner self- compassion.
In this experiential workshop, we build self-compassion using Dr. Neff’s  radical approach of Yin and Yang self-compassion. Cultivate your resiliency and increased well-being.  Contact Susan for the next group. 

Mindful Mondays

Join a small group of like-minded people for a one hour guided meditation at noon on Mondays. Each week we explore themes such as compassion, forgiveness and others. We learn together, share our own experiences and practice a guided meditation. For beginners or more advanced practitioners. 

Mindfulness & Shame

A powerful four week group to awaken mindfulness and enhance resilience by inviting the feeling of shame, which we all have, to emerge in a safe and compassionate group. Contact Susan for more information on upcoming groups

Individual Mindful Coaching

Ready for transformative change? Want to let go of old habits and build new ways of health and resilience? Mindful Coaching guides you to reach your goals with calmness and clarity. Live with clear intention and purpose. Contact Susan today for a free discovery session

Mindfulness Program

This powerful 8-week program guides you to greater calm, increased resilience and teaches practical skills to manage stress. We dive into increased awareness of automatic habits that build stress. Learn how to respond in healthier ways! Contact Susan for fall session. 

5 Steps: Leaning into Difficult Emotions

Join Susan for a powerful workshop using self-compassion to lean into difficult emotions. Learn how to live with more ease and resilience. Contact Susan to sign up for next session! 

Conscious Aging for Mindful Living

Choosing Calm Over Chaos 6-Week Online Masterclass Thursdays 6-8 PM Oct 12-Nov 16, 2023

If you’re stressed or anxious, awaken a deep sense of inner calm with key powerful tools. This Masterclass will enhance your balance and emotional resilience  

$199 includes handouts and audio recordings each week

Save the Date! Annual 7-Day Daily Mindful Challenge October 1-7, 2023 8-8:30am

Are you exhausted from racing thoughts, stress and overwhelm? 

Expand your mindfulness practice with a daily commitment. 

“Wonderful program! I would do it again. I know it will make a difference.” Pam

Meet every day to explore teachings on breathing, setting intentions, self-compassion and more. 

$100 includes recordings and handout

Mindful Mondays

 Join a small, supportive community to learn about the cutting edge research on mindfulness and neuroscience. We share our experiences and practice together weekly. 

$97 monthly includes recordings and handouts

Susan Talks Conscious Aging

Host Donna Chambers chats with life coach Susan Young about Conscious Aging and how to “age gracefully” in a youth-obsessed culture. 

5 Steps: Leaning into Difficult Emotions

Join Susan for a powerful workshop using self-compassion to lean into difficult emotions.

– Build self-compassion

– Handle difficult emotions with more ease

– Learn practices and guided meditations

What my clients are saying

What my clients are saying

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