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How life coaching can help you to find your passion and purpose

Finding your passion and purpose in life can be a challenge. It can feel like you’re flailing around in the dark, grasping at straws and desperately searching for something that will make you feel excited about life again. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

But there are ways to find your passion and purpose – and it starts with creating the space and time to understand yourself more deeply. As you tune into your inner needs more, you can dive into redefining your values and creating a clear focus. 

Steven Hayes talks about values in his article 5 Ways to Find your Purpose. He says that values are qualities of being and doing, such as being a caring parent or friend.  You can teach compassionately and give gratefully.

But he also separates values from goals. Goals are finite achievements, and once you reach them, you are finished with them. Values, on the other hand, are enduring, eternal guides to living. You don’t achieve a value; you manifest it by acting in accordance with it.

How does life coaching help you?

In coaching, I guide you to know your own values and then to focus on your passion and purpose.

To reach your inner passion and purpose, I use tools powerful tools like mindfulness, which I have explored in an earlier blog, What is mindfulness? 


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness includes paying attention to this present moment on purpose, without judgment, according to one of the most outstanding Mindfulness teachers, Jon Kabat-Zinn

As a long time student and facilitator of mindfulness, I share practices, neuroscience and research about Mindfulness.

Self-compassion is a key part of  mindfulness. I have found it really challenging to change the long term habit of self-criticism, but kindness to myself is becoming easier over time. 

Overall, Mindfulness has been shown to help  improve mental wellbeing, and gain clarity and perspective. It also guides you to sit more often with your inner self. This leads to become more attuned to your inner purpose. 

Other tools in coaching

There are many tools in coaching. We use reflective questions to guide you in your journalling.  I ask you to explore your goals by writing or perhaps meditating.

We also often use creative visualizations to develop a vision. Then, we move on to aligning your thoughts, emotions and behaviour with your purpose. 

What does coaching offer?

Coaching guides you to more clarity and then supports you to create more of what you want in life through increased clarity, direction, and the practical support required to make  changes skilfully.

Deepen into your truth and purpose as you pinpoint the areas where you need to focus and develop a creative and solid plan to help you mindfully achieve your goals.

Life coaching can help

Finding your passion and purpose in life can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. A Life Coach can be a great source of support, guidance and encouragement in helping you to find your passion and purpose. 



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